Hotel Surya Samudra, Kovalam, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Surya Samudra Kovalam is the living expression of Kerala's ancient and vibrant civilisation. Spread over lush green acres of landscaped tropical gardens and insulated from the busy tourist seaside, this tranquil paradise sits on top of a cliff overlooking pristine beaches by the Arabian Sea in Kerala - God's Own Country.

The property is a heritage resort designed to respect your sense of privacy. You will find it easy to carve your own little world, indoors or outdoors Each residence is set apart in a private enclave where you can even call in for some in-room therapy from Spa Niraamaya.

Surya Samudra - Kerala's spacious, lush resort! Here one can't get enough of Surya, the Sun or Samudra, the sea. '"This place, Surya Samudra is like a setting in a James Bond film," said a friend. Quite so: exotic wooden cottages, coconut trees, a fine beach…This is a place for dreaming, in the silence and the sun and the roar of the waves… Kerala has no beach resort like it.' INSIDE OUTSIDE, August 1993 The resort complex falls under Trivandrum district and is 18 kilometers away from it, 22 kilometers from the airport. It is 20 kilometers away from the historic Vizhinjam (pronounced as Virinyam) Harbour and 6 kilometers from Vizhinjam town. It is also 8 kilometers away from Kovalam. Air India operates international flights to Delhi, Mumbai (Bombay) and Kolkata (Calcutta). Indian Airlines and Jet Airways operate flights to connect these cities to smaller cities and towns like Trivandrum.

Alternatively, Indian railway services or the roads could be utilized to reach Trivandrum. Guests of Surya Samudra can be met at the railway station or the airport. Pulinkudi is well connected to Trivandrum and Vizhinjam as well as to Cape Comorin by bus. Taxis and reasonably priced cars with drivers too are available. Visitors of most nationalities to India, require a tourist visa, obtainable from the Indian diplomatic representatives. Kindly book your flights and stay, in time.

Photos of Surya Samudra Resort - Kovalam, Kerala, India.
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Ayurveda Centre of Surya Samudra Resort
Surya Samudra has an Ayurvedic massage centre and a yoga centre whose treatments customers swear by.
Surya Samudra keeps Kerala's Ayurvedic medicine alive in an uninterrupted tradition on a luxurious scale. After a consultation, one can choose from a variety of soothing treatments. An expert massage using traditional medicinal oils prepared from natural ingredients by the masseur can be enjoyed. Excellent results with all types of pains in the joints and the muscles, and with prophylactics and relief from rheumatism and arthritis have been seen.
Yoga and Meditation
Mental and physical exercises meant to isolate the ego from the body and mind - designed to hone your concentration, improve health and help attain peace of mind through eight stages of training: Disciplined behavior (yama) Self purification (niyama) Bodily postures such as the lotus position (asana) Control of breathing (pranayama) Control of the senses (pratyahara) Fixing of the mind on a chosen object (dharana) Meditation (dhyana) Samadhi - a state of being where you experience absolute tranquility and well-being. In Surya Samudra, yoga is offered as beginners and advanced batches, both for individuals and for small groups.
Spa Niraamaya at Surya Samudra Private Retreats, draws from natural therapeutic traditions across the world to reinvigorate, rejuvenate and restore you - mind, body and soul. Spa Niraamaya offers traditional Ayurveda and Yoga, with Authentic Thai therapies and Chinese treatments like reflexology and the best of European natural healing practices. At Spa Niraamaya, our trained physicians and therapists explore the essence of these time-honoured disciplines to help you attain good health and a deeper sense of well being.
Facilities at Surya Samudra Resort Kovalam, Kerala, India.
Swimming Pool -A natural carved out of rock, gives a rare, once-in-a-lifetime experience to swim in surroundings like royalty of the past.
The restaurant -called "the Octopus", famous for its excellent seafood, fresh vegetables, genuine Kerala dishes, home-made cakes and ice creams.
Trips around Surya Samudra can be undertaken to view the beautiful backwaters, temples and local areas. The resort can make arrangements for them.
Ayurveda and Yoga - This traditional Indian healing sciences are kept alive here, as a tradition.
Cotage in Surya Samudra Resort
Surya Samudra began as a single octagonal stone house thirty miles from the tip of India and just a few minutes from the historic Vizhinjam Harbour (pronounced as Virinyam) Today, it has grown into an eco-friendly beach resort with 23 houses spread over nearly one-third of an acre of private space and each house comes with a luxuriant foliage of coconut, palm, bamboo, banana, wild shrubs, flowers and the chirping of birds.
Dining at Surya Samudra, Kovalam, Trivandrum, Kerala, India
The cuisine we serve is from all over the world - with the added delight of local delicacies. Whichever you choose, Oottupura, the all-day dining restaurant, or Kanal, the grill, you will enjoy a view of the sea at all times. And, of course, you can always let your hair down at our poolside bar - Madira. Oottupura, set in a tile-roofed airy verandah affords you a breathtaking view of the ocean waves as you linger over a delicious meal. Kanal serve up a succulent selection of barbecued and grilled seafood, meat and vegetables.

The Octopus, the resorts restaurant, specializes in and offers various sea-food ranging from lobsters and tiger prawns to octopus and shark; from barracuda puttu and sea urchins to baked crab and Japanese tuna. Local dishes (vegetables and fish) too are prepared and can be savored on plantain leaves. With the exception of jam, cream and pickles no preserved food is used in the resort. Fresh fish from the sea, vegetables and fruits grown in the resort garden are used to avoid pollution in food materials.
At night, freshly caught fish is prepared with Italian herbs accompanied by Indian-style vegetables. Italian cooking and the tropical beach, make for a wonderful combination.
Bread, cakes and ice creams are prepared here on a daily basis. Such is the taste of the preparations that a regular customer once made a long distance call just to ensure that she got banana cake and mango ice-cream when she would visit them shortly!
The restaurant is semi-circular in shape and can seat up to a 40 people. The sea-sand flooring and the Kerala roof offer an out-of-this-world ambience. Each table has a granite pepper crusher specially made to order from Mahalingapuram. A bronze bell is placed on each table, to call for the waiter. One can also call for sustenance by the pool or down on the beaches.
Accommodation at Surya Samudra, Kovalam, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

A sea facing, tile roofed, wooden cottage restored from the original timber of a traditional Keralite house, the Octagon has the most spectacular views at Surya Samudra, Kovalam. The 8-walled sleeping area has a four poster bed, below a high pyramid roof, surrounded by glazed windows for an almost 1800 uninterrupted view of the sea.

Banyan Tree Bungalow
Richly and exquisitely furnished this is the showpiece of Surya Samudra, Kovalam and its largest dwelling. A whitewashed brick structure, its internal walls and floor are wood paneled. With gold spangled curtains, embroidered silk linen, carved wooden furniture and choice objets d'art, it perfectly blends modern luxury with ancient grandeur.

Heritage Premium The Cinnamon is a unique L-shaped cottage, part wood and part white washed brick that is located at a higher elevation. It is a virtual transplantation of an ancient Keralite dwelling with carved panel walls, thick raftered roof, low framed solid wood shutters and doors with their 'saksha' (sliding wooden latches). It has separate living and lounge areas, and two sit-outs offering great views of the tops of coconut palms, with glimpses of the waves peeping through.

Heritage Superior
A sea facing, tile-roofed, wooden cottage it is a virtual transplantation of an ancient Keralite dwelling. Complete with low framed, thick wooden doors studded with brass décor, 'saksha' (sliding wooden latches), and solid wood shutters. The glazed broad windows open out to the sea.

Heritage Classic
Tile-roofed, wooden cottages that are virtual transplantations of ancient Keralite dwellings and situated at the farther heights of the property amidst sylvan overgrowth of banana, palm and papaya trees.. Complete with low framed, thick wooden doors, 'saksha' (sliding wooden latches) and solid wood shutters. The windows open out to great sylvan views of the treetops, with waves peeping through.

Rock Garden Classic
These are six spacious rooms, set in a separate newly constructed block. They are luxuriously appointed in a seamless blend of antique and contemporary styles. Some of the rooms have sea views from the windows.

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