Kovalam , Kerala , India.
Accommodation at Thapovan Heritage Homes, Kovalam, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Architectural marvels in wood. Carved religiously on the principles of Thachushastra- the mystical science of engineering. Gabled roof, imposing wood columns at the entrance, panelled walls...Step in and transport yourself into a pristine world that had challenged technology with aesthetic ingenuity. Golden flames flickering in exquisite Thookkuvilakku (hanging lamps) was its answer to electricity. Water in charmingly designed basins for air conditioning. And the architectural genius of yore that allowed unhindered flow of cool air through all rooms.

Thapovan Heritage Home is a harmonious blend of Kerala tradition and contemporary sophistication. Naturally cool and airy, the ethnically designed rooms are spacious and comfortable. All rooms come with all standard features and more. The illustrious window views, private balconies with beach view, marvellous wooden architecture, luxurious interiors replete with local arts and craft are specialities of Thapovan.

We have got 32 rooms of traditional and ethnic architecture, 13 of them situated in a beautiful garden and 19 built on a cliff overlooking Nellikunnu Beach.The rooms are well maintained, tastefully designed and placed strategically to assure better view of the surrounding beauty. The rooms at Thapovan Heritage Homes are divided as:

Old House
Hide Out
Teak Wood House and Cottage

Beach House and Cottage
Eagle Nest

Dining and Ayurveda at Thapovan Heritage Home, Kovalam, Trivandrum, kerala, India
The exotic Kerala cuisine awaits discovery at our kitchen. Continental, Chinese and western preparations are also served. The personalized ayurvedic treatments prescribed by veteran doctors are aimed at instilling a deep sense of reinvigoration and well being .The trained therapists reenergize the body by relieving physical tensions and inducing relaxation. A visit to Thapovan is a holistic experience.
Thapovan Ayurvedic Centre presents Ayurveda in its most traditional and purest form. It comes with a Green Leaf Certification accredited by the Tourism Department, Government of Kerala. The services of experienced in-house doctors and well trained masseurs help to de-stress and refresh both mentally and physically. The exotic herbal garden and the Yoga Center aid in instilling calmness and peace for body and soul.

Thapovan Heritage Homes, Kovalam, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Thapovan is nestled within verdant surroundings... just away from the din and bustle of city life. Perched exquisitely on top of a hillock and cliff, the heritage home is bordered by the virgin Nellikunnu beach. It also lies in proximity to other tourist attractions like Kovalam, Thiruvallam and Vellayani.

The cosy shade of swaying coconut palms. The caressing roar of the majestic sea. The divine fragrance of Thulasi. The stimulating rhythms of Kathakali. The secure confines of Nalukettu... The enchanting notes of Kerala come alive in the idyllic surroundings of Thapovan. The heritage home where the Gods would love to come to rest.

In the courtyard, a few paces in front of the entrance door, is the Thulasithara. A three feet high structure holding the hallowed Thulasi plant. It symbolises the presence of the divine. Relax peacefully in this serene ambience. You will be caressed by the soft roar of the waves. The virgin Nellikunnu beach is just a two minutes walk from the homes.



Thapovan is 18 kms from Trivandrum International Airport, which is well connected from airports in India and abroad.

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