Kovalam , Kerala , India.
Ayurveda at Hill and Sea View Beach Resort, Kovalam, Kerala, India.
Life is gift of the nature; but beautiful living is the gift of ayurveda.-India’s healing gift of world.
The most eco-friendly system of treatment with no harmful side effects. Ayurveda means the science of life and relives completely on herbs and natural substances.No doubts, those who undergo this treatment for the prescribed period can ensure and enjoy a healthy life both physically and mentally.

We provide both therapeutic treatments as well as rejuvenation therapies.

Treatment specialities
  Disc problems
  All types of skin diseases and allergies
  Facial paralysis’
  Neurological disorder, severe back pain
  Diseases affecting the functioning of brain
  Eyedefects due to neurological problems
  Obesity, mental illness etc
Now a days our food habits, lack of exercises and life style make a wide reaction in our body systems such as imbalance of hormonal level that may lead to nutritional disorders such as over weight , obesity ,pot-belly and cardio-vascular complaints like hyper lipidemia, hypertension act’s in order to over come these, we recommend a balanced treatment courses which mainly contains treatments like udwarthanam, elakizhi, podikizhi, chavittithirummu, purgation etc.By taking these treatments properly which helps to reduce our body weight, obesity, pot-belly and control our diabetes and cholesterol by balancing the basal metabolic rate.

Our food habits, daily routine, climatic variations etc can cause the accumulation of toxins inside the body that can lead to the in balance of TRIDOSHA. In addition of the body’s natural mechanism to get rid of these toxins, our detoxification therapy is for purifying the whole body to attain proper balance of vatha, pitha and kapha. Our treatment course includes abhyanga, steam bath, elakizhi, podikizhi , pizhichil, nasya , karna pooranam,purgation etc. By taking these treatments in a systematic order, all the toxins in our body will be detached and will be eliminated through waste evacuation channels like sweat glands as sweat, urinary tract as urine, alimentary canal as feaces. Thus it purifies the circulatory system and the entire body systems.

As day’s advances, our day to day life becomes very much busier. And most of the people are suffering with their heavy work, job tensions, personal tensions etc. Thus now a day the life style itself is becoming more stress and stain –full. So in order to overcome these remedies successfully, we provide treatment course which includes abhyanga , njavarakizi,pizhichil and sirodhara etc which relaxes our mind and soul ultimately there by stimulating our entire nervous system. Thus we offer a tension-free and relaxed life.

The various cell and tissues of the body undergoes changes as age advances. So it is necessary to rejuvenate the body systems for a better harmony of the body, mind and soul. Aimed at achieving this goal, we provide a treatment course which includes various Ayurvedic treatments like abhyanga , steam bath , njavarakizhi , pizhichil, sirodhara etc . This therapy preliminary aims at toning up tissues and to reduce the catabolic destructive process thus to arrest the aging, enhances immunity and a total positive health.
Welcome to Hill and Sea View Beach Resort, Kovalam, Kerala, India.

Welcome to Hill & Sea View Beach Resort, Kovalam
If you are at Kovalam, be proud to be at Hillnseaview, be at the highest altitude destination in Kovalam where you cannot miss the breath taking view of vast Arabian sea over the mesmerizing greenish lay out laid by the cocas. These entitle that Hillnseaview is your ideal place to enjoy Kerala at its whole length.
You can reach Beaches within seven minutes on foot all rooms are with sea facing balconies view of sunset from room balconies we are at the juncture of two world famous beaches of all the time. Lighthouse and Eves beach. Enroll yourself to ridge of the small valleys, cool breeze and reverberating sound of the enchanting waves from Arabian Sea. Fogy mornings give you a feel that you are at a hill station. Tropical noon says that its time for you to have a sun bath. Evenings with perfect sunset from your private balconies renovates your soul. Nights at Hill n Sea View have a very unique story to say as the Arabian Sea studded with numerous small boats is a heart stopping view.

Photos of Hill and Sea View Beach Resort, Kovalam, Kerala, India.
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Enjoy your holidays with our caring services and class facilities.
  Over looking the beach
  Ayurvedic centre
  Roof top restaurant
  Guest choice food (Chinese, Continental, Kerala, Seafood)
  Mini fridge
  Internet access
  Shopping Arcade
  24 hour Room service
  Travel Assistant
  Doctor on call
  Balcony with hanging chairs

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