Kovalam , Kerala , India.
Jasmine Palace offers a good standard of accomodation in a great location. Just one minute leisurly walk from the hotel will take you to the local beach of Kovalam. Built on three floors the Jasmine Palace has been carefully, attractively designed and nicely furnished with attention to detail. The superior rooms of Jasmine Palace are all of a good size with a light and pleasant and fiendly atmosphere with twin beds, ceiling fan, mosquito machine, en suit tiled shower and wc, fridge, individually controlled air conditioning and a balcony. Jasmine Palace offers excellent value for money.
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* Ayurvedic Massage * Steam Bath * Ayurvedic Treatments * Panchakarma Therapy * Yoga Classes

Ayurveda is a combination of two Sanskrit words - Ayu means Life and Veda means Knowledge. Ayurveda is a distinctive, natural system of medicine practised and perfected over centuries by Indian Physicians. The scientific, holistic system of medicine, uses palliative and eliminative measures to body as well as mind in an attempt to preserve good health.
Panchakarma - 1 week course - 80 £ - 6500 Rupees ( Depends on diff. treatments) Panchakarma is combination of two Sanskrit words, Pancha means five and Karma means treatment, which are Vamana, Virechana, Vasthi, Nasyam and Rakthamoksha. These are the supreme treatments in Ayurveda. The malasresude of metabolic waste or toxins are eliminated by any one /two /three of these Panchakarma. Before doing any of Panchakarma the person must undergo some preparatory treatments (Sneha Swedanas) which are mainly, Uzhichil, Pizhichil, Elakizhi, Njavarakizhi etc. These treatments are aiming to stick off the malas from each and every body tissues any body channels.
Palmistry is in itself a complete science which tells us about the complete past as well as the future.
The thinnest line of palm has its own significance. By reading the language of nature we can predict about the financial crisis, family problems, nature of jobs and even the disease of a person. Especially cardiac diseases, urinary problems & abdominal disorders can be predicted effectively so that the person can take preventive methods in advance.
By knowing the future one can mould by himself his own life and escape from troubles.

Numerology is the science of numbers. It governs all things in universe, from the greatest to the smallest.
[Palmistry and numerology is handled by Mr. S. Mohanan who is renowned in this field in Kerala and is the faculty member of the occult institution.

Welcome to Jasmine Palace
Kerala is the perfect introduction to India, combining the beach with one of the mesmerizing tours in and around Southern India.
Kovalam is one of the most beautiful beaches of Inda. The Sandy beach with four lovely bays stretches for miles. The backdrop of lush, tropical, green palm trees set against long sandy beaches and alluring blue sea is breathtaking combination.
Jasmine Palace is a standard Hotel having years of experience in hospitality management. We are respected because of our fine service and facilities. Your can enjoy this for a date with nature at Jasmine palace.
Built on three floors the jasmine Palace has been carefully, attractive designed and nicely furnished with attention to detail. The superior rooms of Jasmine Palace are all of good size with a light and pleasant and friendly atmosphere with twin beds, ceiling fan, mosquito machine, en suit tiled shower and WC, fridge, individually controlled air conditioning and balcony.
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Palm Grove Cafe - Restaurant
We offers fine dining at our poolside restaurant - Palm Grove Cafe. Here you can enjoy the mouth watering taste of Continental, Chinese and the traditional Kerala dishes.Palm Grove Cafe is a poolside restaurant where you can swim and eat splendidly. Well experienced cooks, friendly service and more than a real homely atmosphere.

Yoga Classes
Yoga can be defined as a science of life, so as to attain optimum perfection in health of Body, Soul and Mind. About 5000 years ago the great Indian sage "PATHANJALI" wrote the text "PATHANGALA YOGA SUTRA" which is considered as the authentic book of Yoga. According to his opinion Yoga has 8 steps (Astanga Yoga): YAMA, NIYAMA, ASANA, PRANAYAMA, PRATHYAHARA, DHARANA, DHYANA, and SAMADI.