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Hotel Moonlight : is situated at the famed beaches of Kovalam, just 75 meters from the sea. The facilities include a restaurant with an exquisite cuisine and a fresh water pool to have a dip whenever you feel like taking a break from the sea.The setting, the people, the soaring coconut groves and the philosophy - all are dedicated to your personal wellness in a homely environment. Be here at Hotel Moonlight and see the stress you feel from your office and personal life flutter away like a free butterfly into the woods!!!
Kovalams main claim to fame are it's four stretches of beach, separated from one another by rocky promontories. Moonlight offers you an excellent accommodation since 1978 which is known as one of the first hotel in kovalam beach. It was later revamped in the year 1984 and right now boasts of most modern amenities. Moonlight is well known for its' fine cleanliness, safety and hospitality in the tourism industry. It is located just 50m away from the world famous Howah beach and 100m from the light-house beach which are it's two main attractive beaches in the world where you can sit at one of the many shacks, or take a refreshing dip in the inviting sea. Hotel Moonlight - (Moonlight Tourist Home ) is highly recomended in the worlds largest selling travel assistance guide such as Lonely Planet, Foot Print etc. , which have got mass readers all over the world.

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Ayurveda Center of Hotel Moonlight Kovalam, Kerala, India
Ayurveda (Devanagari: ) or Ayurvedic medicine is a form of alternative medicine in use primarily in the Indian subcontinent. The word "Ayurveda" is a tatpurusha compound of ayus "life" and veda "knowledge", and would roughly translate as the "Science of Life". Ayurveda deals with the measures of healthy living, along with therapeutic measures that relate to physical, mental, social and spiritual harmony. Ayurveda is also one among the few traditional systems of medicine involving surgery.
Ayurvedic Massage is a form of treatment for various age related and other common disorders. Some of the advantages which can be cited are pain relief, improved circulation, stress relief, better sleep, flexibilty, athletic perfomance and emotional benefits. Massage therapy can soothe pain, relax stiff muscles, and reduce the swelling that accompanies arthritis. Advocates claim that, with ayurvedic massage, deep-seated toxins in the joints and tissues are loosened and released into the system for elimination through natural toxin-release processes.
Treatment :This unique type of Ayurvedic foot therapy and oil massage is called Chavittithirumal. For the Combined Therapy and masage a special type of medicinal oil is used. First, oil is applied all over the body, from head to toe and then the whole body is massaged using the practitioners' feet. At the end of this treatment, the head and face is massaged using another special medicinal oil. The medicinal oil are made using plants collected from mountains in south India.
Benefits This form of ayurvedic massage is effective for all people, irrespective of age or gender. The treatment predominantly works on the nervous system and on the nadi(prana/energy) sytems. Chavittithirumal can give a wide range of long lasting results. It can help to alleviate many types of common ailments such as back pain, tention and headaches.
Background : Ayurveda is the traditional medical system of India and is the sister science of yoga. The sage Agestheswara is beleived to be the unquestionable authority on Ayurvedic science and gave Ayurveda to us. In South India this traditional form of medicne has, until now been passed down orally within the family from generation to generation. MONSOON SEASON During the monsoon season (June - October) we give special treatments for a wide variety of conditions. Ranging from reducing fat to treat rheumatism and correcting severe skeltal problems.
We also administers traditional PANCHAKARMA TREATMENTS. These include:-
Dhara - (Warm Medicated oil is dripped on to the forehead)
Navarkizhi - (Bathing and Massaging with medicated rice and Kahaya and/or milk) Nasya - (Cleaning of the nasal passages and sinuses to reduce phlegm using steam and oil) Accomodation, at special reduced rates, can be arranged at the Hotel Moonlight(USD90 Per Week). Special diets consisting of medicated food can also be arranged to complement the treatments.
Facilities at Hotel Moonlight Kovalam, Kerala, India.
  A/C and Non A/C Rooms
  Hot and Cold Water
  Swimming Pool
  Rainbow multi cuisine restaurant.
  Doctor on call.
  Travel Assistance
  Laundry Service
  Ayurvedic Treatment Center
  Safe Deposit Locker
  Foreign Money Exchange
  Credit Cards Accepted
Location of Hotel Moonlight Kovalam, Kerala, India
Kovalam is a beach town on the Arabian Sea around 16 km outside Thiruvananthapuram(Trivandrum) City in the Thiruvananthapuram District in Kerala, a state in south India. There are a number of beach resorts in and around Kovalam. The sea port of Vizhinjam is about 3 km away and famous for its special varities of fish, old Hindu temples, big churches and a Muslim shrine.
It was among the most prominent tourist spots in India during the hippy era. It still has a high status among tourists (mostly European) even now the glory of this beach attracting more and more tourists(western). Kovalam is finding a new significance in the light of several Ayurvedic salons, and recuperation and regeneration resorts which provide a slew of Ayurvedic treatments for the tourists. The virgin beaches on the southern side of Kovalam upto Poovar is enchanting for body and soul. The seaview from the hillocks of Poomkulam on a sunny day is rejuvenating and inspiring. Hotels ranging from star hotels to budget hotels are available there. The Vellayani fresh water lake and the Agriculture College at Vellayani are just miles away from Kovalam.
The sands on the beaches in Kovalam are partially black in colour due to the presence of ilmenite and thorazite. There are two main beaches at Kovalam, separated by a high cliff. There is small light house in the Eve's beach.
The normal tourist season is from November to March.
Accomadaion in Hotel Moonlight Kovalam, Kerala, India
Moonlight offers excellent accomodation at a great location. Just one minute leisurely walk from the hotel will take you to the beaches of Kovalam. Moonlight has 4 floors of comfortable accomodation and is carefully, atractively designed and nicely furnished with great attention to the details. The superior quality of rooms at Moonlight offers you good space with light and pleasant and friendly atmosphere with twin beds, ceiling fan, individually controled aircondition, mosquito machine, tiled shower with bath tubs, fridge, television with satellite channels and a balcony with view This is the place where you will get excellent value for money.
Dining in Hotel Moonlight Kovalam, Kerala, India
Rainbow » Multi Cuisine Restaurant We offers fine dining at our poolside restaurant - Rainbow. Here you can enjoy the mouth watering taste of continental, chines,traditional kerala and indian dishes. Rainbow is a poolside restaurant where you can swim and eat leisurely. Well experienced cooks and friendly service give you a real homely experience at the Rainbow restaurant.
Packages of Hotel Moonlight Kovalam, Kerala, India
.We can arrange tours to most of the major destinations across Kerala including Munnar Hill Station, Thekkady - Periyar Tiger Reserve, Kumarakom Lake Resort, Wayanad Jungle/Hill Resorts and Alleppey Back Waters.
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