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Hotel Neelakanta Kovalam : At Neelakanta, the blue sea is everywhere. It is talking, laughing and peeping into every little corner of your life. Yes, at Beach Hotel Neelakanta, you live next to the sea. Because it is located right there on the beach. Take a walk and you have the waves playing and pampering at your feet.

Neelakanta: GET KISSED BY THE SEA. : Tall and handsome, Hotel Neelakanta, faces the sea from every nook and corner.From every single inch of it. However you try, be sure, you will always get watched by the sea.At all times. 16Kms from Trivandrum airport, the capital of Kerala, hotel Neelakanta is on the light house beach of Kovalam. The most famous beach of the most famous tourist spot, of the most famous state of India. Featured among the 10 favorite destinations of the world by National Geographic.

Photos of Hotel Neelakanta - Kovalam, Kerala, India.India.
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Ayurveda and Yoga of Hotel Neelakanta Kovalam - Kovalam, Kerala, India.
Ayurveda :It is believed that the god of the sea, Varuna, gifted Kerala, God's own country to sage Parasurama who is said to have retrieved the land from the sea. And Parasurama imparted the wisdom of Ayurveda, the most ancient system of medicine to the chosen eight families in order to keep his people in good health around five thousand years back. A wholesome treatment system, ayurveda believes in the perfect harmony of mind, body and soul. Without which the well-being of a person is never complete. So every Ayurvedic treatment is aimed at gaining a perfect harmony between the three. At our Ayurvedic centre we have treatment therapies for nervous disorders.Arthritis, mental illness and paralysis. Our qualified and experienced doctors take care of the treatment programmes. Kati vasthi, shirodhara, pizhichil, panchakarma, etc are rejuvenate programmes at hand.
Yoga :Yoga is a unique and unparalleled system of physical culture.It helps to escape the inherent tension of daily life and to synchronize your thoughts and actions. In turn it helps to maintain a balance between your mind,body and soul. Remember, only a sound body can have a sound mind. Yoga promotes wellness. A condition that transcends the mind and body. And once you reach it, you will be able to pursue your meaningful aims in life. Unaffected by anything else.
Bamboo Village of Hotel Neelakanta Kovalam - Kovalam, Kerala, India.
Ayurveda :Bamboo Village - a world within at a distance of 200 meters from Neelakanta and 50meters from the sea, lies Bamboo Village - a surprise by all means.Here you come across a rustic Kerala village like environment, all secluded within clustered trees. Cool and quiet, this haven of peace is an independent corner with 8 bamboo cottages, 1 restaurant and a traditional Kalari Chikitsa centre.Ideal for a rejuvenating holiday, Bamboo Village can very well be called a world within a world..
Facilities at Hotel Neelakanta Kovalam, Kerala, India.
   Prompt room service.
   Sea side multi cuisine restaurants.
   Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisine
   Ethnic food on request
   24 hour coffee shop
   ISD/STD direct dial phones in all rooms
   Doctor on call
  Safe deposit lockers
   Daily linen changing and room cleaning
   Airport and Railway station pick up
   Ayurvedic treatment and Yoga centre
   24 hours taxi service
   All major credit cards accepted
  Parties arranged on prior intimation
   Fax and Email services
   24 hrs authorised Foreign Exchange
   Sight seeing tours
   Reservation for hotels in other cities
   RETURN HOME Young, live and energetic.
Accomadaion in Hotel Neelakanta Kovalam, Kerala, India
Hotel Neelakanta has 3 exclusive rooms-king, queen and prince.All exquisitely designed and equipped with modern facilities.There is one independent apartment furnished and well maintained to provide you the most fabulous holiday experience. All the rest are standard, posh rooms, cosy and comfortable. All facing the sea indeed.
Kalari Payattu in Hotel Neelakanta Kovalam, Kerala, India
Legend has it that sage Parasurama who created Kerala taught a new martial art-Kalari payattu-to his people for self defense. The driving motive behind the art is to defend oneself effectively from the enemy and avoid attack. The art teaches you to bring your mind, body and soul to one focus of concentration for greater strength and concentration. Kalari payattu is the only martial art to have originated in India and is said to have inspired Kungfu and Karate. The teacher-kalari gurukkal- teaches you Adavukal i.e. the various martial techniques. Ancient weapons like muchan, kadara, urumi, otta, kathi, churika etc are used to make you perfect in facing, reflecting and defending oneself.
Kalari Chikitsa in Hotel Neelakanta Kovalam, Kerala, India
A SEVEN DAY PROGRAM : Just as Kalaripayattu is a sport, Kalarichikitsa is a sports medicine.With the help of medicated oils, an expert therapist massages your body using his feet.The 7day rejuvenate program at Bamboo Village applies stress of the 108 focal points of the body - called marmasthanam. Kalari Gurukul who administers the treatment is an ortho specialist. A physiotherapist by nature, he uses internal medicines made out of herbs as well as Ayurvedic medicated oils etc for the massage. Chavitti thirumal of the Kalarichikitsa program which can be effectively used to remove swellings, dislocations,fracture, internal injuries and quicken blood circulation. Acupressure is applied on the 108 pivotal points of the body as a basic of treatment.Spend a week at the Bamboo Village. Spare yourself and secure a whole new world of health and cheer.
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