Kovalam climate- best time to visit Kovalam

Being a coastal area and a beach town, Kovalam’s weather is heavily influenced through the winds or breezes from land and sea. Generally, in such places, days are quite hot and humid, whereas nights are breezy, cool and very pleasant. Summer is the most comfortable season of this place, and that is why summer is a good time to visit this place. Though, enchanting rainfall brings the feeling of joy at the beaches of Kovalam! Thus, those who are fascinating about rain or monsoon of India can visit this place during rainy seasons for a different kind of experience. This beach town experiences quite heavy rainfall during the rainy season.

The weather of this place is very pleasing and for visiting this place, no specific season or time is recommended. If you want to enjoy the sunny beach, under a clear lusty blue sky, then avoid rainy season, which normally occurs from the month of July to September. Winter in this place is mild and pretty subdue. Visitors hardly need to wear woolen cloths during the time of winter. However, in winter, days are generally cooler than summer and nights can be a bit nippy. Visitors may need to wear woolen dresses in the nights during winter season. Apart from the rainy seasons, days are generally sunny and bright. This creates the perfect aura for dipping in the sea water or preparing yourself for a sun bath.

For a coastal area, it is quite natural to face sea tornados, heavy wind blow. Kovalam is not an exception either! Sea tornados or twisters and heavy wind blow generally occur during the summer. This happens due to the overheating of the land caused by the powerful luminance of Sun. At the evening time, when sun goes mild, land starts to lose its heat and that creates heavy wind blow from the sea towards the direction of land. However in Kovalam, any such unpleasant disasters have never been reported.

Best Time to Visit

Due to the vicinity of the sea, all seasons are quite pleasant and enticing at Kovalam. Though, the best time for visiting this beach town can be specified as from the month of September to the month of March. This time span is regarded as winter season and due to the bright sunny days and breezy nippy nights, many tourists get magnetized to this place from different parts of the world. As the climate of Kovalam is topical in nature, beaches are the greatest place to hang out throughout the day, even the evening time is quite romantic.

Festival or beach carnivals are the others reasons for visiting Kovalam during winter season. Christmas is a special ceremony in this place and the amazing beach carnival is bound to grab your attention. To enjoy the night life of Kovalam, this time of the year is highly recommended. Average temperature during winter is around 20 to 25 degree Celsius, which is very soothing and quite cozy. Thus in sort, it’s your needs which determine the apt time for you to visit Kovalam as the place has great offerings for the visitors throughout the year.