Kovalam Cuisines

Visiting a place without enjoying the local dishes and cuisines, would be a real miss. If you are planning to visit Kovalam, then you must be thinking of the things which can take your tongue in a tasty ride. Well, to satisfy your appetite, Kovalam has a lot of foods and drinks to offer. Several restaurants in Kovalam are present, which serve authentic and completely hygienic local foods and drinks. Many restaurants are associated with the resorts of hotels. However, the restaurant part is accessible for all and thus, you can enjoy some finger-licking stuff over those places.

Kovalam cuisinesKovalam cuisines mainly consist of South Indian foods, which are quite light, easy to digest! In almost every food, uses of coconuts and curry leaves are quite common. Obviously they are delicious and if you want to feel the local delicacy they are must try for you. Right from the breakfast to the dinner – Kovalam has a lot of unique offerings of foods for the visitors.

Puttu is the common breakfast stuff that is widely popular in this part of the country. Either wheat or rice is mixed with graded coconut to create this exquisite food item. Along with puttu, yummy red bananas will be the perfect addition.Apart from these some more local foods are there. Appam is a popular item here which can be described as a native form of bread, prepared with fermented rice and dough made of coconut pulp. It is basically a dessert item and generally served with meats or other non-vegetarian stuffs.

KappaKappa which is another unique food item here is basically an herb, which is boiled with rock salt and then garnished with coconut juices and graded coconuts. Then, it is mixed with onion and chili. It can be mixed with the fish or meat curry to prepare a fantastic and exotic dish. Generally, such dishes are a bit spicy.

In lunch you can try the mixed South Indian plate, which will be completely vegetarian. The ingredients can be rice, sajbi (mixed vegetable preparation), chapatti, dal and a few more stuffs. Plates for the dinner are also available, with a few alterations. Apart from these, idly and dosa are the most common stuffs of this place. They will be served with a white coconut preparation, which tastes magnificently well. In all Hotels and resorts in Kovalam, you will find these common food stuffs.Sea foods lovers can rejoice this place with utmost enjoyment through the local sea foods. Karimeen is a local fish, which is prepared in several ways to bring out its exquisite taste. If you want to give your tongue an opportunity to taste the local delicacy of Kovalam, then this one would be a great option.

CrabsCrabs and lobsters are the most common sea foods of this place. Apart from that, shrimps, squids, etc. also available and good restaurants prepare them with precision so that tourists can satisfy their taste buds to the peak.

Most hotels serve dishes on a clean palm leaf which is also a uniqueness of this place. Since no preservatives or artificial ingredients are added, Kovalam cuisines are not just tasty but also safe and you need not rethink to have them with full joy.