Locations of ATM in Kovalam

Kovalam is quite a developed beach town and travelers will get all those modern facilities over here that they often need in these days. From banks to hospitals – everything is available in this place. While, you are heading towards your holiday destination, it is important to recheck your budget and carry out some cash. Most of the tourists in these days do not carry lump sum for obviously security purposes.

Payment is hotels and restaurants can be done through the debit or credit cards. Most of the renowned and sophisticated hotels and restaurants of Kovalam accept payments through cards. Though, for some local expenses cash is needed and for that most of the tourists depend on ATMs heavily. Kovalam is not a large place, thus it is expected that number of ATMs will be less in this beach town.

ATMs are available only in some specific places. One of the popular places of Kovalam is Kovalam Junction, where 4 ATMs are available. All of them accept all major cards, including Visa, Master and Maestro cards. These ATMs are opened 24 hours a day and always protected with armed security guards.

Within a short distance from Hawa Beach to Kovalam, another ATM is available, which is also 24 hours open and accept all major cards. Just swipe of your card in any of the following ATMs here and get the required cash.

  • ICICI ATM – This is located next to the next restaurant that is located just opposite to the Divine Supermarket. The withdraw limit is similar to all other banks. Though, ICICI bank cards holders can withdraw more than 10,000 in each transaction. For them, the upper limit is Rs. 20,000.
  • Federal Bank ATM – This is situated at the Kovalam junction, just next to the divine supermarket. The ATM accepts all Visa and Master Cards of any banks and maximum withdraw limit is 30,000 a day. But, you have to withdraw the sum in parts, i.e. total 3 times, Rs. 10,000 each time. This may vary with the type of card you are using.
  • Canara Bank ATM – The best way to find this ATM is to search for the Post Office in Kovalam in the Kovalam junction area. Once you have located the post office, you will find this ATM to the next of the post office. The ATM accepts all major cards and credit limit is as mentioned for the above ATMs.
  • Catholic Bank ATM – This ATM is situated within the campus of Swagath Holiday Resort, which is situated within a short drive away from Kovalam.

Even though, the daily cash withdrawal limits through ATMs keep on varying with new policies and security concerns, you will always be able to get enough cash.

Also, at the shoreline of Lighthouse beach, tourist will get a lot of money exchangers. They would not charge a dime in exchange of any foreign currency. Thus, those who are coming outside from India can exchange your currencies from these money exchangers. Money exchange can also be done through the banks, without any commission amount.

There are also many other ATMs in and around Kovalam where you can reach easily. Besides this, numerous proposals are there for arrival of new ATM centers here.