Geographical location of Kovalam

Situated in the Indian state of Kerala, Kovalam is basically a beach town, where tourists can enjoy the glimpse of deep blue Arabian Sea. This beach town is located at a distance of 16KM from the Thiruvananthapuram city. The geographic location of this place actually made it an exquisite as well as unique tourist place. The beach town has three major beaches which are separated by rocky outcroppings.

Lighthouse Beach is the most popular beach of Kovalam which also is the largest among them. Mostly, the tourists visit this beach and often it will be found crowded with tourists from different parts of the world. Due to the location of a 35 meters high old Vizhinjam Lighthouse, this southernmost beach of Kovalam is named as Lighthouse beach. Light beams from the old lighthouse provide an unearthly charm to the beach.

Hawah Beach which is also known as Eve’s Beach is located beside the Lighthouse Beach. This beach is visited by tourists often, but it is mainly dedicated for the fishermen. Fishing is one of the greatest sources of earning for the people of Kovalam and this beach provides a lot of fishes to the fishermen. The beach experiences lesser number of tourists than Lighthouse Beach and that is why this place is suitable for those who are in search for serenity or peace. Hawah beach which is the second largest among the beaches of Kovalam has its name derived from the name of some European women. Though, topless bathing is banned in India, a few decades earlier, it was a topless beach and the most amazing fact is that, it was the first topless beach of India. This beach also attracts a lot of birds in different seasons and an array of wild animals can be explored here, which are mostly water living animals.

Samudra Beach is completely separated from other two major beaches of Kovalam, through a large promontory. The beach experience lesser number of tourist in comparison to the other two and it is also a dedicated spot for fishing business. You will often find local fishermen arranging their boat to go for a fishing voyage.

Apart from these three major beaches, there are a few other beaches present in Kovalm and one of the famous amongst them is Ashoka beach. This is located at the Northern part of Kovalam, and this virgin or untouched beach provide exquisite views of nature, along with complete aura of serenity. Tourists would love to see the views, like shallow sea water launching upon the beach rocks and creating amazing splashes. To reach this beach, tourists can choose to take a walk from the Samudra beach. Alternatively, local transport and car services are there too for the tourists.

Due to its unique geographic location and climate, the sands of the beaches of Kovalam are neither golden, nor white; they are partially blackish in color. This is because of the presence of Ilmenite and Monazite, the sand here appears a bit blackish.

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